We are Going Green!

Green Pledge

Doubell Machines is committed to playing an active, relevant role in the conservation of the surrounding area and the upliftment of its community. We are launching a series of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment. One of these is playing an active role by performing small wildlife conservatory works. Our first is for every ten Jumbo MK 3’s we sell we are adopting a penguin from SAMREC. The money we spend on the adoption will go towards feeding the penguin for the next six months during his rehabilitation. Once he is healthy he will be released back into the wild. SAMREC is an organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation of African penguins. They have a beautiful facility in Port Elizabeth located in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve. See their website here. This is our first penguin, Keith. He is suffering from a bad shark bite and bad circulation.

aaazz k keith