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Today we welcome back Mrs D to the factory after her trip to Cape Town! It also marks the occassion that Andile has been with us for 4 years. Mrs D attended the African Mining Indaba while in Cape Town a few days ago for Doubell Machines, which saw over 20,000 professionals from around the world in attendance and which has brought over R485 MILLION in revenue to the Cape economy over the last 5 years (in other words, a very popular and respected event!!). It was a great place to do business and network and will see more of Doubell Machines in the future, as our machines can make bricks & blocks out of the ash that is left over from mining. Hope everyone is having a stunning week. We are looking forward to welcoming back Erin on March 3rd! Please see the new post by Dane on the website about Franchise deals for Doubell Machines (this one’s for our readers) which has already received a great deal of interest on our Facebook page. Click here to see it. And don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel which has videos of all our machines in action –  you can direct customers to watch videos of the machines through that platform. We have close on 600 subscribers from around the world watching us on YouTube! Click here to see it. Below are photos from the African Mining Indaba and also our quote for the week.

African Mining Indaba Cape TownAfrican Mining Indaba Cape TownAfrican Mining Indaba Cape Town

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